Companion Work Manchester - Become An Escort


Are you looking Become a Escort Companion & well Paid?

Become A Escort NO JOINING FEE, We Are looking People Like you Chat and meet Single People Sport Companions Dancing Partners If you Enjoy meeting new people for social network?

We have Clients Around All Over Manchester Lancashire Who Are Looking to meet people to share a great Time with on friendship Only basis

We Need People Who Are ?

   Strong Conversational Skills

   Good Listening

   Good Range of Social Situations

   Happy Earning Around £60 + An hour


We arrange for appointments, handle bookings, advertising, security etc. We will also arrange for you to get together a glamour photo portfolio that suits our high-class client base. We are VERY discrete and have a high reputation spanning many years for both our associates and clients. If you want to stop, you stop and your secret stays safe.


We don't do anything illegal full stop. That means we don't work with anyone under 18 or anyone who doesn't have a legal right to be in the UK; We will require valid ID (real proof required no fakes). We don't work with anyone who takes drugs or abuses alcohol. We don't work with anyone who is forced against their will to work in the adult industry for whatever reason. To apply you must be representing yourself and be confident, We don't work with thieves!


You will escort with a range of clients but most are professional business men. Dates can range from private meetings through to dinner dates and sometimes weekend trips to nice places. We don't cater for the "cheap end" of the market. Appointments are private and monitored and your security is always number one in our mind as management agents.

What goes on between you and the client is entirely your own affair and private. That said the London escort clients expect escort ladies to be open-minded and fun loving. The Wikipedia encyclopaedia has an interpretation that may help you weighing up if it's for you or not. Just follow the link HERE. At the end of the day if you have any concerns just call us and we will soon tell you if you are suitable. We don't want anybody to do anything they are uncomfortable with so you will find us more than sympathetic if you decide it's not for you. We also value your privacy too and any contact emails etc. are always deleted.

Why You Might Like Working with an Agency Like Us

Do you want to become an escort and enjoy the perks that come with the job?

With many escorts jobs available in Manchester, in the Greater area and the north west, your chances of landing a job are high. Before you hunt for escort jobs, however, you should know what makes a good employer and work environment. Not all escort agencies are created equal. This means escort jobs in Manchester also vary.  How do you know if you'll be filling in the dream escort job vacancies Manchester has to offer?

More and better career opportunities

Sometimes it's not all about the money but also the level of standards of the escorts work involved. You want to work in an agency with high-paying clientele because the services offered are renowned for quality and excellence. The more an escort provider is known for its superior services, the more willing clients will pay even the highest of price. This is sure to make escorts jobs more rewarding.

Flexible escorting schedules

Always check that the agency hiring escorts for a job doesn't require you to be available at a fixed schedule, so you can easily fit other pieces of your life around your work. This is especially helpful if you prefer flexible availability. You also should look into the process in place with regards to booking your services. Are the clients required to book in advance? How much time are you given to prepare for meeting a client? How long before you need to accept or cancel a booking?

Open to everyone

Escort jobs in Greater Manchester and other areas must not be limited to British girls alone. But some agencies may only hire certain ethnicities. Make sure to check and confirm, before you start your application process. In the event that escorts jobs are open to everyone, ask about the documents they require you to submit and whether they can guide you through the application.

No Experience Necessary to Apply

If you want to try your luck with escorts work in Manchester for the first time, you obviously should not apply in an agency that only accepts women with prior experience. It's highly likely that you won't be hired. If an agency accepts first-timers or beginners, make sure that they provide proper training as well. Like any job in the world, escorts work requires training to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge. So, look for an agency hiring escorts job that specifies no experience necessary to apply.

Safe and discreet

Most people who hold adult industry jobs want to maintain their privacy. They don't want people, especially their friends and family, to know that they work as an escort.The good news is when you apply for escort jobs in Greater Manchester, you can choose to have your face in your photos blurred over so that no one will know it's you. Of course, if you prefer to display your gorgeous face fully, the hiring agency is sure to accommodate your preferences.

You should also find out if there are security measures in place to protect women like you who want to fill in escort job vacancies Manchester offers. Most importantly, look for escorts work in Manchester from an agency with a friendly and supportive team. It's a great bonus to have people to protecting you and ensuring you won't regret the choice you made to become an escort.